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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 23, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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jefferson, north carolina, western north carolina way, it will be displayed throughout the holiday season in the blue room. >> looks like a beauty. thank you for joining us. "studio b" with gregg jarrett starts right now. >>gregg: i am here for shepard smith, the news begins anew on "studio b" today. a black friday madness in full effect as massive crowds of shoppers fight for deals out there. we will show you where thousands of folks lined up at midnight and whether the deals are as good as people think. >> the cease-fire between israel and the militant group hamas still on despite a deadly border shooting. in egypt it is turning violent. thousands are taking to the streets to protest their new president. we like in cairo. >> super storm sandy didn't just damage thousands of homes but also making a lot of people
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sick. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from 3:00, black friday bargain hunters are out in force today. don't get in the middle of that crowd, an estimated 11,000 bargain hunters coming into macy's flag ship store the iconic department store opening at midnight but some stores 07ing at 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving night with walmart and toys 'r us and sears sears and many tart locations opened at 9:00 p.m. to get a leg up on the competition. despite criticism that the early start would keep workers from spending thanksgiving with their families. it remains to be seen if the early openings pay off.
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economists watching it closely considering the consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of the u.s. economy. james has the latest on the planned walmart workers strike but, first, live from chicago. steve, hour the so-called brick and mortar stores versus online retailers? >>reporter: the overall retail picture looks like this, the national federations of retailers believes there will be a 4 percent increase in holiday spending this year over last year. in terms of the brick and mortar physical stores there was a movement away from some of the these just because of the size of the crowds. some folks cannot go out and battle the crowds but we have seen a return of folks who swore off the early bird shopping. >> i was going to go online and do my shopping from there but it
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worked out. >>reporter: there are a lot of folks that do online shopping and that is growing. one estimate is in holiday online shopping will be up 17 percent and 4 percent overall. >>gregg: the people working the stores. any trouble finding or keeping workers there? >>reporter: they have to go weeks and months to get folks prepared. we stopped in with a target in chicago area and they have worked on having appropriation staff since october. they report that they had a staffing surplus. >> we opened up at 9:00 p.m. and gave a lot of thought to that decision. our guests loved it. we have enough team members in a store like this where people volunteered for the shifts. we had no trouble staffing our stores.
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>>reporter: part of the incentive during the seasonal part for retailers is that target have taken higher full time 30 percent of the seasonal hires so if you have been out of work, you might want to make yourself available for the high demand days to make a good impression with folks who make the decisions after the season is over. >>gregg: not a bad idea from target store in chicago. according to walmart the black friday protests at the stores have been a bust reporting that fewer than 50 employees walked off the job nationwide of 1.3 million walmart workers. there were scenes like this outside several states but the folks in green, they are not actually walmart workers, they are with a labor group encouraging employees to walk off the job on the busiest shopping days of the year. some workers have complained of low pay and low benefits, too few work hours to make ends meet
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and retaliation for organizing which walmart denies. for some perspective here, walmart reports the average full time hourly rage is $12.50 according to the bureau of labor statistics the average retail worker makes $16 an hour but $12 or so in change is way above the minimum wage. walmart employees make almost 25 percent less than retail workers. james has the news live from a walmart in landover hills, maryland. it has died down but the profits where you are was one of the biggest in the country. >>reporter: walmart executives acknowledged that the action staged here this morning was the biggest of any outside any of the 1,400 walmart stores across the country. five chartered buses carried 400
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picketers to this parking lot outside walmart store 5129 at 9:00 a.m., today. it was a diversion group in terms of race, gender and age and they chanted slogans and carried signs saying "slave at walmart" and "i make $8.30 an hour. there was a tense confront station between a pastor with living faith baptist church in washington, dc, and walmart store manager, the reverend claims 25 to 30 walmart workers and demanded or assurances they would not be retaliated with. and williams said no worker left his post and his door is always open. >> what did you accomplish. ♪ >> we accomplished we are going to stand. we are not going to continue to tolerate wall part misbehaving and disregard for workers not only here in the washington, dc, metropolitan area but throughout
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the country. >>reporter: he added that the united food and commercial workers union helped organize the rally, contacted other unions and drummed up support for it. >>gregg: are we likely to see the protests continue? >>reporter: the reverend and our walmart which is supposed to be unaffiliated we unrelated to the union will be back. the walmart management is little troubled by that saying "the number of protests reported by the union are grossly exaggerated" says the wall mat vice president in a statement this afternoon adding that "we had our best black friday ever and our walmart was unable to recruit more than a small number of associates to participate in the made-for-t.v. events." the national labor relations board says today it will wait until at least next week to issue the ruling on the complaint against the union by walmart in connection with the picketing which was expected
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before black friday but did not come in time to invalidate or uphold the legality of the action. the protests here layed -- played out peacefully. >>gregg: we have chief business correspondent for us world and news report and an author "how winners pivot from setback to success." listen, this was called a walkout by walmart workers. it turns out it wasn't. >>guest: it reminds movie the occupy protests which got more momentum than this but those were a big deal in new york and other cities and everyone knows there are problems with the economy, and everyone wishes they got paid more but there is not much support for unions or union-style tactics. support for unions have been declining for years and walmart
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says they get five million job applications a year. they can only hire a fraction of those. there is a glut of workers for these jobs. there are probably a lot of people saying, i would be happy to have the job. whether it is a union or not. there is not a lot of nation-wide support for this. >>gregg: it is $5.50 above minimum wage. the workers there at walmart that are non-union have reject the unions when it is put to a vote and their turnover rate is way lower than the industry average. >>guest: so, some things are going right at walmart. everyone would like to have another $3 or $4 an hour in pay but part of the irony the shoppers they threatened to disrupt many of those shoppers earn the same low pay or even less than the people protesting. they need those low prices at walmart and a telling thing today, i don't think we have heard too many shoppers say the
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protests got in the way. if the goal was to shut down commerce at walmart or get in the way it did not happen. >>gregg: i wonder if black friday is a bunch of hope. a washington story says it tells us nothing of retail sales for the full holiday season, and historically there is an inverse relationship. >>guest: it is hype. but this matters for the retailers more for the stores than the consumers. this is a low margin business. it is a tough economy. they are trying to get ahead of each other. they want the extra market share. that is why we see shopping creep. it is not black friday anymore now it is black thursday. if the retailers can boost the sales by 1 percent over the holiday season that can make a difference between a good or lousy year. they are trying to lure the
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shoppers. the deals are not always that much better than online or another time of the year. >>gregg: thank you, rick. a deadly shooting testing the cease-fire between israel and hamas and now a new wrinkle, the latest from the middle east and how turmoil in egypt could shake things up. you think the black friday sales are good deals? think again. oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike.
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before it's too late.
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sale ends midnight november 27th. >>gregg: the cease-fire between israel and hamas seems to be standing, but israeli troops fired on palestinian troops killing one and injuring 19 others according to the associated press. the israeli military reporting
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that soldiers did fire warning shots into the air and an official for hamas said it will not let this affect the cease-fire. egyptian leaders holding talks today with israel and hamas officials in cairo are working out the next phase of the cease-fire deal which could include changes to israel's border crossings and blockade of embassy. and now the news live from jerusalem. connor, does it appear this shooting is going to harm the cease-fire? >>reporter: this is the type of incident normally that would undermine the cease-fire agreement particularly with the lack of trust and how fragile this agreement is but it is holding which is important given the incident where a palestinian was killed and a dozen were injured after several hundred palestinians moved toward a barrier between gaza and israel, the israeli troops opened fire after warning shots. this is the type of us didn't that would normally inflame the
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situation but both accuse each other of violating the cease-fire agreement and that was as inflammatory as the speech got and a top hamas leaders today suggested maybe israel was not without justification. (inaudible). >> both sides, now, will test this agreement over the course of the next days, weeks and months ahead but both want to work with the international community particularly egypt and the united states to try to craft longer peace agreement. >>gregg: we don't know all the details of the cease-fire. some is still being worked out. what do we expect? >>reporter: the cease-fire agreement is vague.
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it calls for the easing of the blockade and palestinians want to see the removal of the blockade as soon as possible. they want to see it fully removed. israelis are more reluctant because of hamas' past ability to move weapons in and out of gaza. they will have to work on this. egypt will have the united states and representatives from both hamas and israel to discuss what this means. they want to put a definition to the agreement. the two sides, hopefully, will continue to talk and right now it appears both sides want to continue to keep talking. >>gregg: to egypt, now, where thousands of protesters across several egyptian cities rallied against the president as he defended his decision to give himself new powers including
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immunity from judicial oversight and the authority to take steps against "threats to the revolution." in the mediterranean city forces that were against morsi raided an office, and in cairo security forces fired tear gas at thousands of protesters. 100 people reportedly were injured. critics say president morsi is making himself a dictator. he claims he granded himself the new powers so figures from the former regime cannot block progress. steve, what is the scene like right now? >> you can hear a lot of it now, and as the day has gone on and tonight the protests have become more violent.
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a fire is burning before protesters set a flame to a monument, and there are battles between security forces and younger protesters throwing glass bottles filled with gasoline and police are firing ban tear gas. the test is tomorrow after 40,000 protests come out. it will be a long-term fight of the people against the president , anger and bitterness against the egyptian president saying any decree he issues is legal and there is no appeal to the decree putting himself above the law and the courts and tens of thousands in cairo not happy about that move by the democratically elected president. >>gregg: does this move from president morsi catch people by surprise? >>reporter: it even caught his supporters by surprise and officials in the united states
12:20 pm
who were praising the egyptian president as the pragmatic regional leader, and his role in helping to negotiate a cease-fire between israel and gaza. this move is described as a power grab with the opposition figures saying that president morsi is setting himself up to be a a pharoah. >>gregg: thank you. if you decide to return some of your gifts this holiday season or any other purchase, bring your driver's license. a lot of retailers are asking for i.d. from anyone who wants to exchange products. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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>>gregg: the holiday shopping season has begun but before you buy something consider checking the return file because many places require i.d. along with your card, in an tonight crackdown on serial returners and return fraud that costs retailers big time. critics say this would alienate customers, and p.r. consultant joins us, co-author of "rethinking reputation and how p.r. trumps marketing and advertising in the new media world." fraser, great to see you. there are folks who buy an item, they wear it, and they run it and they are habitual returners.
12:25 pm
>>guest: it is a huge problem. returners cost retailers $16 billion a year. 10 percent of all prepares during this holiday will be returned. the real issue is the one you cite, the returners, serial returners. by serial, we do not mean cerealed, those go in and buy four shirts or skirts, they bring them home, they try them on, they wear them, they bring them back and the stores have to do something. >> there is wardrobing, people go in to a store and they steal the merchandise and they go to the counter and say i want cash for return. >>guest: it is an epidemic. you are a lawyer. it is not illegal. can you do this, you can return things but it is difficult problem for retailer and p.r. it
12:26 pm
has to be a delicate balance between enforcing the new policies, looking at your i.d., and swiping your license, and balancing it with not alienating the customers. >>gregg: steal something and getting cash is illegal but this, really, is tough. you worry about alienating your customer. >>guest: public relations wise, you have to, first, train the retail personnel to spot or discern the people, the returners, the serial returners, from the normal person. too, you have to communicate. let people know this is a real problem for retail others like we are doing now which is good, and, thirdly, unfortunately, you have to enforce policies which i want to see your license so i know you are not one of the serial habitual returners. >>gregg: now some retailers
12:27 pm
are putting microcameras in the eyes of mannequins to put in a database of facial recognition to figure out what customers at what time are patronizing their store and they can better serve their customer. well leave that for another time. good to see you, fraser. >> the white house praised egypt's role in negotiating a cease-fire deal define israel and hamas and then the generation president morsi makes a dramatic move to expand his own powers and now the administration reports that has raised concerns. details are ahead. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent.
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>>gregg: this is "studio b," the egyptian president's decision to grant himself broad new powers coming days after he helped broker a cease-fire between israel and gaza. the white house praised him for that role. president morsi is the first democratically elected president and critics say the powers could pave the way for another dictatorship. jennifer, how has the obama administration responded?
12:32 pm
>>reporter: the department issue add statement expressing concerns about the developments in egyptian but did not mention president morsi by name. "one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. we call for calm and call for all to work together and call for egyptians to work together peacefully and through democratic dialogue." president obama left to play golf at andrews air force base with no indication he or secretary of state, hillary clinton have reached out to president morsi days before the president was on the phone with the egyptian president and the israeli prime minister brokering the cease-fire deal in gaza. the egyptian president received accolades from the white house and state department for brokering the peace deal with hamas but today thousands of egyptian protesters opposing his power grab at home accusing him of a coup and one antimuslim
12:33 pm
brotherhood said we host protested for 18 days and in three days we will out of the president morsi. the best he deserves is to be a reacher in a local mock. former ahead of the iaea, he said today and i quote, "president morsi usurped all state powers and apointed himself the new pharoah a major blow to the revolution that could have dire consequences." unchecked power for president morsi who the house rely on to keep the peace. >>gregg: a new poll shows half of israelis wanted their government to continue the offensive on hamas militants according to an israeli research firm, 49 percent of those said israel should have kept firing on the target. meanwhile, 31 percent support the government's decision to reach a cease-fire.
12:34 pm
and jonathan hunt has the news. jonathan, hamas predictably claiming victory. >>jonathan: it is in their interest to do that but they saying they and the people of gaza not only survived israel's aerial onslaught but, actually, forced the israelis to negotiate saying also that israel didn't dare launch a ground war and they have proven they can stand up to israel and they are claiming that israel and the world negotiated because of their rockets attacks not despite them and they achieved the promise of the blockade of gaza. and contrast that with the leadership of their rival party, led by palestinian president who preach add nonviolent approach to negotiations with israel, in the eyes of many palestinians, that has achieved little. that could be perception rather than reality but perception sometimes is reality there and powerful israeli voices agree. the former chief of the israeli
12:35 pm
defense forces, now a political rival of binyamin netanyahu, says the goals of hiation were not reached and the next round is only a matter of time. we should not have stopped at this stage. hamas got stronger and we did not gain deterrent. prime minister binyamin netanyahu would say his goal immediately was to stop rocket attacks and he did that and wait and see. >>gregg: are there historical parallels here? >>jonathan: if you accept the premise, as many middle east experts do, that what has has been madeblily, at least, stronger by this, yes, there is a parallel. back in 2006 the war that israel fought against hezbollah in lebanon, then, in the wake of that war, hezbollah became politically much stronger in lebanon and, in fact, became the strongest party in the leave government. but, other middle east speaker would say look at longer term
12:36 pm
picture, you look at that border between israel and lebanon, the northern border, that has remained quiet, hezbollah did not try to take advantage of this latest trouble on the southern border with gaza, so, what they would say is look to the longer term, in the long term hamas will be at least more moderate and more peaceful. >>gregg: hezbollah is now rearmed with more powerful and sophisticated weapons so that may happen again. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. former israel special forces operator is a counterterrorism cutant and managing director at at security company and author of "brotherhood of warriors" and joins us now. we will talk first of all about the incident today, do you think hamas was trying to provoke israel and, in fact, succeeded? >>guest: well, i think -- i do. i think hamas is habitually
12:37 pm
trying to provoke israel. i think they are an expert in propaganda and there is one of those mechanisms they are using by allowing or by inciting their people, hundreds if not comes knowing israel has a strict security policy with the buffer zone because of missiles and suicide bombers and if they can insight israel to fire at a civilian and show palestinian casualty, that has a very heavy effect visually in terms of media or on tv. >>gregg: this is a power grab it seems to many. you have heard comments calling president morsi a a -- president morsi a pharoah, where does that go? >>guest: it is sad for the
12:38 pm
egyptians people. we saw a pro democracy uprising that was, that had taken down a leader would had essentially stolen billions and billions from his people and now what we have is the systematic transition of egypt through the laws internally which will force egypt to a sad state so become another iran, another country that is uprooted by islamists and ends up turning into a state that is controlling their people and imprisoning. it is a sad day and the egyptians have every right to be upset. >>gregg: how dangerous would a strictly islamic country be especially if they decide we have to have nuclear weapons, too, because iran is trying to do so? >>guest: it is as dangerous as it gets and the reason why, specifically, is because you have another piece in the middle
12:39 pm
east puzzle which, again, is completely system click turned in from whatever democracy there was prior to the fall of mubarak into islamic state, in term we have the extremists controlled and pulling the strings of the puppets and we have a leader here who comes from the muslim brotherhood, a strong leader with that organization, and he was educated here in the united states back in egypt, and it is dangerous. it is dangerous if the simple fact you have a country that i don't poe financially be ruled purely by a religious system, and it is a problem, and something that needs to be looked at closely. >>gregg: thank you. mold, raw sewage, toxic chemicals, hurricane sandy left them all behind and people are trying to rebuild after the storm but they are getting sick. the dangers as the cleanup continues. victor! victor!
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>>gregg: black friday is not just about the new gadgets but about scoring some basic necessities. super storm sandy left some in new york and new jersey with nothing, with filth was floodwater soaking electronics and ruining their clothes and now victims are turning to black friday deals to try to replace those things lost in the storm. any to brooklyn, rick, some stores, as i understand it, suffered big time. tell us about that. rick: well, some of the stores back up to the bay and they were damaged in hurricane sandy. and, closed. one of the stores that is closed is toys 'r us which is behind this tent, the water came in through the storm and ruined everything on the ground floor so they put this together, they put goods inside, and wanted to be open and ready for black friday. they are. they are selling what they can. they can only fit 200 people
12:44 pm
inside the temporary store where they had room for 1,100 in the other store with business not as strong as it might have been but they are open and people are picking up critical items here. >>gregg: how is business elsewhere? brisk? rick: depends where you are. there is a best buy across the parking lot that was not damaged and they have had a steady line but around here, there is a line here now, there was not a line most of the day. what was interesting is the people were coming here not just to buy toys but staples including diapers which are on sale at toys 'r us today. >> we came for the sale on diapers. >> for lines? >> no lines. >> you feet guilty, because you are getting all these things and those people don't have anything
12:45 pm
, so we do what we can and everyone should try that. rick: another way to deal with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. they are saying they will keep working out of the temporary store until they can get the main pore up and running in six to eight months. >>gregg: long, long time. thank you, rick. as the cleanup continues after the storm the victims now facing a new threat. health officials say people have been pouring into emergency rooms to get treated for things like remarks and asthma, even lung infections that doctors think could be the mold or the raw sewage left behind after the storm and some of the hardyist history areas folks are dealing with the storms' invisible effect: lead paint fragments, gasoline soaking into the streets, and the sidewalks. it is so bad that folks in new york city's hard hit rockaway
12:46 pm
section have coined the term "rockaway cost." health officials are saying rebuilding efforts are kicking up more dangerous dustin to the air. now we have the chief medical officer for the university hospitals of cleveland medical center and a member of national disaster medical system. dr. anderson, talk to us about the toxins and how potent and dangerous they can be. >>guest: it is a very important question. in health care we are so focused on preparedness, are we ready for disaster. response, can we save lives? we with evacuate? this recovery phase is important because of what you point out, there are probably a lot of toxins kicked up from the flooding or the recovery work that could be dangerous for patients. this phase is equally important for public health officials to take seriously, toxins can cause
12:47 pm
remarks, not too much to wary about but serious long infections or symptoms something that the public health officials take very seriously. what about the mold? >> we have been taking mold exposure seriously. what people should find some comfort in, it takes a very long exposure to mold to have serious consequences. it is common sense advise. the wear a mask while working in a home that could have mold. wear gloves if you are going to have handle things you are not what they have been supposed to. reach out to the physicians great the disaster centers and from the internal medicine pediatricians and doctors to say take the we breathing symptoms seriously and tell families if you have symptoms to seek medical attention. >> it can creep up and you don't even see it.
12:48 pm
what about folks with pre-existing conditions and pre-existing diseases that may make them even more vulnerable. >>guest: there is the patients we are worried about in the recovery phase, parents with lung disease, serious asthma, and emphysema, those under stress, parents with cancer or other problems, they are a set up to get sick with small amounts of exposure. those families are those patients that should seek medical fancy they have any symptoms. >> go to your doctor immediately the first sign of any symptoms. dr. anderson, chief medical officer, from case medical center thanks for your advice. heartbreaking stories coming out of the huge deadly pileup in texas, dozens of crumbled cars and trucks litering the interstate and now we hear of
12:49 pm
the story of a family that will never be the same.
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12:52 pm
>>gregg: a thanksgiving day crash involving 140 cars and trucks and killing two people and injuring dozens more. it appears fog helped to cause a chain reaction on interstate 10, 80 miles east of houston. one official says it was so difficult to see that deputies responding to the crash did not immediately realized it was multiple accidents. now, dominic, it looks like chaos out there, but police say there was an overwhelming reaction from other drivers. talk about that. >>reporter: absolutely. it is what impressed police the most. incredible reaction, really, from uninjured drivers risking
12:53 pm
their safety and those trenchous foggy conditions to help those who were hurt, those lucky enough to evade harm described the chaos. >> praying and thank god we didn't get hurt. just a moment that everyone got out and they didn't know what happened because it was so foggy out here. >> one car after another after another and my husband was helping people to get out and telling them to get out because you could not see that something was going on because of the fog. >>reporter: extraordinary conditions to work in. the sheriff is expressing a thanks to the public because of the mangled 140 vehicles was beyond their ability to cope. >> our resources were overwhelmed but the people came up to ask to help to stay with the wounded victims and it was
12:54 pm
very nice. people caring about people. >>reporter: we are waiting for an update on those injured, 100 treated and a dozen remain in serious condition. >>gregg: what do we know of the victims? >>reporter: the couple were killed when an 18-wheeler rushed -- crushed their suburban. they were from texas, and a family member said they were driving on a belated celebration for their 4 2nd wedding anniversary and a neighbor described them as "nice, quiet, fun loving family people." very sad end for thanksgiving day. >>gregg: thank you, dominic, from los angeles. >> couple of or fanned tiger cubs get a new shot at life because of a dog with a very strong maternal instinct coming up next. this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice.
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take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>gregg: a boat capsized off off florida caring 23 divers suddenly flipped over yesterday after a large wave came in and boats jumped in to the water to pull people to safety but a new mexico woman did not survive. >> we tried to get a head count on everyone and they are missing one and they could not find that person, the woman i saw come out of the water limp. >>gregg: the victim was a manager at the leading research laboratories who last year helped in the response to the crisis in japan at nuclear plants. >> a lot of folks began lining up for black friday bargains last saturday, some of them pitching tents and camping out days before the doors opened for the holiday sales. well, you might think it is worth it for the deals but according to a new study it is not sometimes, from the price
12:59 pm
research firm and from the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. and the report found that deals are often gimmicks and the real savings is other times of the year the sears advertise add stand mixer like this, $320 today, well, the report found that the same item was $296 back in march at best buy offering an ipod touch for $295 today. it was $10 cheaper last week according to the study the best time to find deals or watches and jewelry is october, flat screen tv's better off buying after the new year. cool critters, three abandoned tiger cubs have a new mom. they were born in a russian zoo but the tiger mom refused to feed them so the zoo put up an ad for replacement and found a shepherd up for


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